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Genestealer Cult speed painting

Acolyte completed in 46 minutes. Recipe Undercoat with Chaos Black Base coat with Warpstone Glow, Leadbelcher, Deamonette Hide and Rhinox Hide Wash green, brown and silver in Nuln Oil Wash purple in Druchii Violet Heavy dry brush with Warboss Green Dry brush with Necron Compound, Moot Green and Slaanesh Grey Detail with Flash Gitz Yellow…

Plague Marine squads

Got a little building in for my third and fourth squads. Took quite a bit of time as I’m looking to change/bash the second lot of Easy to Build marines so they don’t look like duplicates.

Eventually I’ve worked out how to configure each squad to reduce the duplicates.

Because of the use of two easy to build kits I’m one marine short so I’m going to make one from an Intercessor body and anything I can find in my bits box.