The Imperium forces had deployed the 7th Ultramarines company to deal with a foul invasion of Death Guard. Looking at the heavy armoury of the traitor chapter and expecting a slog of a fight, it came as a surprise when a small Genestealer raiding party appeared and, ignoring the Death Guard, went swiftly on the attack.

Set up:

Using a 4′ x 6′ table with the ‘No Mercy’ Eternal War mission.

Ultra Marines [116 PL, 1985pts, 11CP]:

Command Points: Battle forged 3, Battalion 5, Outrider 1, Marneus Calgar 2

Squad Unit type Models Detachment
Primaris Ancient Elites 1 Battalion
Terminator 1 Elites 5 Battalion
Devastator 1 Heavy Support 5 Battalion
Hellblaster 1 Heavy Support 5 Battalion
Marneus Calgar HQ 1 Battalion
Captain Sicarius HQ 1 Battalion
Librarian with jump pack HQ 1 Battalion
Intercessor 1 Troops 5 Battalion
Intercessor 2 Troops 5 Battalion
Tactical 1 Troops 10 Battalion
Tactical 2 Troops 6 Battalion
Inceptor 1 Fast attack 3 Outrider
Inceptor 2 Fast attack 3 Outrider
Assualt 1 Fast attack 5 Outrider
Primaris Lieutenant 1 HQ 1 Outrider

View detailed Ultra Marines list

Death Guard with Genestealers [113 PL, 1997pts, 9CP]

Command Points: Battle forged 3, Battalion 5, Vanguard 1

Squad Unit type Models Detachment
Daemon Prince with wings HQ 1 Battalion
Lord of Contagian Antethesian HQ 1 Battalion
Malignant Plaguecaster – Purple HQ 1 Battalion
Plagueburst Crawler Heavy support 1 Battalion
Plague Marine – Black Squad Troops 7 Battalion
Plague Marine – Grey Squad Troops 7 Battalion
Pox walker – Black Troops 20 Battalion
Pox walker – Grey Troops 20 Battalion
Malignant Plaguecaster  – Blue HQ 1 Vanguard
Noxious Blightbringer – Purple Elites 1 Vanguard
Noxious Blightbringer – Green Elites 1 Vanguard
Tallyman Elites 1 Vanguard
Foetid Bloat-drone 1 Fast attack 1 Vanguard
Foetid Bloat-drone 2 Fast attack 1 Vanguard
Acolyte 1 Troops 5 Genestealer
Genestealer 1 Elites 8 Genestealer

View detailed Death Guard with Genestealers list


Obviously its not normal to have Genestealers and Death Guard fight against each other and although the Space Marines and Death Guard are battle forged, the Genestealers are not. I’ve recently toyed with starting a Genestealers army so I’ve only two units and I wanted to try them out. Using ‘house rules’, we’ve agreed to ignore the lack of battle forged lists for the Genestealer part of the battle.