Neophyte Squad – Tabletop recipe

Recipe for quickly knocking out a squad of Neophytes. Undercoat – Chaos Black spray Dry brush – Necron Compound (heavy for all metal, light for rubber/armour) Base coat – Waaagh Flesh for contrast bits (robes, tassels etc), Stegadon Scale Green (overalls)

Acolyte Hybrid squad 2

Squad 2 complete (except the squad markings and still needs to be based. Table top standard only, which was a struggle as there are lots of bits I’d like to do to improve it but this is about getting 134 GSC models painted to play with, not winning a GD. Total time for all five…

Genestealer Cult speed painting

Acolyte completed in 46 minutes. Recipe Undercoat with Chaos Black Base coat with Warpstone Glow, Leadbelcher, Deamonette Hide and Rhinox Hide Wash green, brown and silver in Nuln Oil Wash purple in Druchii Violet Heavy dry brush with Warboss Green Dry brush with Necron Compound, Moot Green and Slaanesh Grey Detail with Flash Gitz Yellow…

Intercessor sergeant

Recipe Armour Base – Averland sunset Highlight – Yriel yellow Shading – 2:1:1 Averland sunset:Abaddon black:Dryad bark Edge highlight – Screaming skull Aquila & helmet Base – Khorne red Wash – Nuln oil Highlight – Evil sunz scarlet Edge highlight – Wildrider red Lenses – Base: Calgar Blue, Highlight: Russ grey Metal Base – Leadbelcher…

Intercessor Sergeants head done

Plague Marine squads

Got a little building in for my third and fourth squads. Took quite a bit of time as I’m looking to change/bash the second lot of Easy to Build marines so they don’t look like duplicates.

Eventually I’ve worked out how to configure each squad to reduce the duplicates.

Because of the use of two easy to build kits I’m one marine short so I’m going to make one from an Intercessor body and anything I can find in my bits box.

Genestealers surprise – Battle round 2

With the Death Guard reacting well to the flanking maneuver and the appearance of a warp spawn Chaos Daemon the Ultramarines were quick to bring in reinforcements.

Genestealers surprise – Battle round 1

The XIII Chapter dug into the main ruin ready to face the slow drudge of Death whilst attempting to flank down the left hoping to catch the foul spawn in the cross fire.  Opening up with a salvo of Krak missiles and Heavy bolter fire, the nearest Plague Marine squad took heavy casualities which was…

Genestealers surprise – Set up

A 2,000 Point matched play fight, see full army details. Full Death Guard army with Genestealers Full Space Marine army I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious Anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers And you will know My name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance…

Genestealer surprise

The Imperium forces had deployed the 7th Ultramarines company to deal with a foul invasion of Death Guard….